hire me

I’m available to hire as a writer, editor, copywriter, author’s assistant, fact-checker and consultant.

I’m a versatile writer, editor and reporter with a wealth of experience telling stories that are accessible, engaging and impactful to a wide audience (with extra love, of course, for women and non-binary folks) — all without sacrificing the passion, curiosity and humor needed to keep digital media worthwhile.

A small list of work I do & work I can help you do:
– Writing (long-form journalism, non-fiction, explainers, SEO writing)
– Editing  (long-form journalism, blogging, non-fiction, fiction, etc.)
– Fact-checking & Researching.
– Social Media Management & Copywriting
– Consulting (SEO, copywriting, social media, brand development)
– Podcast Management (guest booking, interviewing for audio, production)
– Live Event Production (panel booking/moderation, script-writing, conceptual/brand ideation)
– Tarot reading (yes, really.)

I charge hourly and am happy to negotiate for the hourly time commitment you’d need. For my rates and more information, you can email me at katspeller13@gmail.com.  I’m more than happy to talk through your needs and see how I can be useful to you!